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Recruitment and Retention of Individuals from Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Groups

Research Seminar Series

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UAB Green Labs

UAB CCTS Research Seminar Series

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Part of the Research Seminar Series.

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Clinical Trials Initiative Update

Dr. Robert Kimberly, Director of the CCTS, provides an update on the UAB Clinical Trials Initiative. Click here to view the slide deck.

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A novel method to quantify the spatial extent of functional field of view

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Clinical Trials Billing: The Ins & Outs

Part of the Research Seminar Series. Recorded March 5, 2020 on the campus of UAB. Speaker: Ashley Knight Specht, Manager, Clinical Trials Administrative Office (CTAO), Clinical Billing Review.…

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Solution Studios

UAB Solution Studios™ aims to accelerate the translation of clinical innovation to the benefit of multiple patient populations. This goal is accomplished by bringing clinicians and STEM…

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Change Management: Implementing & Sustaining Change

Part of the Health Services, Outcomes & Effectiveness Research (HSOER) Training Program (Fellows). Speaker Patricia Patrician, PhD, RN, FAAN. Recorded January 3, 2020 at PCAMS on the campus of…

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How to log in to Office 365 at UAB

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Submitting a Turnitin enabled Canvas Assignment

This video walks students through submitting a document in a Canvas Assignment that has Turnitin enabled.

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Adding a Plagiarism Review to a Canvas Assignment

This video walks the instructor through enabling Turnitin's Plagiarism Review for an assignment within Canvas.

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Canvas Quick_Course Import Tool

This Canvas Quick details how to import content from one Canvas Course to another. You will need access to both courses in order to copy a course or its contents. You can copy an entire course or…

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Course Cards on the Canvas Dashboard

Don't see the course you are looking for on Canvas? This video explains how both students and instructors can use Course Cards on the Canvas Dashboard. See…

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David Redden, Ph.D. discusses P-value

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