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How to Reset/Empty a Canvas course

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How to count attendance as a percentage in Canvas

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Changing Canvas Home Page and Linking Buttons

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Canvas Assignments and Speedgrader

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UAB eLearning Teaching Remotely Series: Canvas Modules

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UAB eLearning Teaching Remotely Series: Canvas Assignments

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Canvas Alerts: Course Grade Monitoring Settings Tutorial

Utilizing Canvas Alerts, you can create settings for your courses that will monitor the current course grade of your students and will automatically send them an alert email if they have a specific…

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Gradebook Feature Update: Hide and Post Assignments

This video was created by Canvas and edited by UAB eLearning. The full video is available here. More information is available below. Guides How to Hide Grades How to Post Grades How do I select a…

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Teaching Tools: Canvas Quizzes

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Adding a Plagiarism Review to a Canvas Assignment

This video walks the instructor through enabling Turnitin's Plagiarism Review for an assignment within Canvas.

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Canvas Quick_Course Import Tool

This Canvas Quick details how to import content from one Canvas Course to another. You will need access to both courses in order to copy a course or its contents. You can copy an entire course or…

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Course Cards on the Canvas Dashboard

Don't see the course you are looking for on Canvas? This video explains how both students and instructors can use Course Cards on the Canvas Dashboard. See…

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Embedding Library Content in a Canvas Course

This video shows how to manually embed library guide content in a Canvas course. Instructors have the option to embed the content in a module or page.

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