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Adolescent Sexual History Taking

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"Patient Safety" presented by Patricia Patrician PhD, RN, FAAN

Part of Friday Fellows Seminar Sessions; Health Services, Outcomes & Effectiveness Research (HSOER) Training Program, that convenes T32 pre- and post-docs, as well as early stage…

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WCG Threewire: The New Paradigm in Patient Enrollment

Recorded Feb. 20, 202o. Part of the Research Seminar Series that provides academic training in the principles essential for success in the clinical research environment. …

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Patient Partnerships & Coproduction of Healthcare

Speakers Patricia Patrician, PhD, RN, FAAN and Suzie Miltner, PhD, RN, CNL, NEA-BC discussed best practices related to collaborating with your patients and co-workers for better overall quality of…

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Central Line Dressing Change Demo

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Open Tracheal Suctioning

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16SP_Diabetes Intro

Introduction to Diabetes course by Dr. Hess.

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