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"Community-Engaged Participatory Research: Solving Health Problems & Advancing Social Justice" presented by Emma Sophia Kay, PhD

Part of Friday Fellows Seminar Sessions; Health Services, Outcomes & Effectiveness Research (HSOER) Training Program, that convenes T32 pre- and post-docs, as well as early stage investigators.…

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Historic Lines, Current Divides: Connecting Redlining to Present-Day Disparities in Birmingham

Nearly a century ago, a federal government agency called the Home Owners' Loan Corporation graded the "residential security" of neighborhoods across the United States. Areas deemed…

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CEI Perspectives: Mental Health Equity

Recorded May 31, 2023. This community conversation surrounds underrepresented and marginalized groups have access to mental health care, supportive social conditions and access to resources needed…

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Community Engagement: The Genie is out of the Bottle presented by Martha Arrieta, MD, MPH, PhD

Part of the Translational Research Summer Series

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CEI Perspectives: Maternal Mortality

This virtual event featured a panel of experts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Jefferson County Dept. of Health, Auburn School of Nursing, Alabama State Perinatal Division, and more,…

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