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CCTS TIERS - Time Management and Productivity by Dr. Kellie Carter

Dr. Kellie Carter discusses "Time Management and Productivity" for the 2024 launch of the CCTS TIERS series. Monthly TIERS events occur every 2nd Friday at noon with insights into career…

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OneFlorida+ - Data2Discovery Gateway Special Interest Groups

OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network—part of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Ins6tute (PCORI)-funded national clinical data research network…

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Adolescent Sexual History Taking

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CCTS Poster Presentation: November 2021

Bridging Diagnostic Odysseys to Drug Discoveries by Jennifer A. Croker, PhD, Orlando M. Gutierrez, MD, Robert P. Kimberly, MD

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CCTS Partner Network - Device Development

Silas Leavesley, Ph.D. & Tom Rich, Ph.D., from the University of South Alabama, talk about how the CCTS partner network helped facilitate bringing their device for colon exams to reality. …

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