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Fundamentals of Obtaining Informed Consent" (Part two: ICF Mock Discussion)

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CBR Updates - Not Just a Bill: The Ins and Outs of UAB Clinical Research Billing

Part of the Research Seminar Series. This series covers the latest need-to-know topics in clinical trials, with sessions curated by investigators and their research teams. Recorded October 15, 2020.…

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Beyond Documentation: Best Practices for Consent

Part of the Research Seminar Series. Recorded Sept. 17, 2020. Speaker: Cari Oliver, MPA, CIP. Slides:

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CITP on the Go: Obtaining Informed Consent

Speaker Mark Dransfield, MD. CITP on the Go is a convenient way to participate in the CCTS Clinical Investigator Training Program, an abbreviated training curriculum for new clinical investigators…

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Informed Consent Workshop: Best Practices

Part of the Research Seminar Series. Recorded through Zoom April 2, 2020. Speakers: Lauren MCGibboney, Donna Cox, Pam Cunningham, Rhonda Corvalan, Angela Henson & Meredith Fitz-Gerald.…

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