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Kaylin Carey 3MT

Restoring Balance to the Force : Chemokine Cancer Drivers Strike Back

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3MT_Shaw_2021 Regional embedded slide mp4 format

Gladys ShawVirginia Commonwealth University, Department of Anatomy and NeurobiologyAdvisor: Dr. Gretchen Neigh 3MT 2021 Heat 2Title: The Enduring Consequences of Chronic Repeated Stress…

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Angel Badewole

3MT Spring 2021 Presentation Video Submission

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Ecophysiology of Toxic Cyanobacteria and their Symbionts

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CSGS 3MT 2 Title Slides

CSGS 3MT 2 Title Slides

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Brittany Correia

The Cerebellum and Alzheimer's: A Promising New Link

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3MT_Jonghee Lee-Caldararo

Sleepless in Seoul

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Jonghee Lee-Caldararo

CSGS 3MT presentation

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Jeliyah Clark

Jeliyah Clark University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eating for two: Mother's diet as an intervention for arsenic-associated decreases in birth weight

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2021 Regional 3MT Competition Submission - Ying Chen Huang (Mississippi State University)

This is my submission for the 3MT Regional contest organized by UAB.

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Billy Huggins Regional 3MT

Billy Huggins University of Central Arkansas The Effects of Vitamin D on C. elegans

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